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Did you know a Satisfactory EICR is a legal requirement?

Published: 01/03/2021

The Private Rented Sector & Electrical Safety Standards

Seasoned landlords will be very familiar with the requirement to have an annual gas safety inspection/certification  (LGSC) of their rental properties. From 1 April 2021, rental properties also need to have an electric safety certificate.  The regulations cover all tenancies of residential properties with a few exceptions. 

Typically an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is the type of report landlords will need to arrange. Under the regulations, every fixed electrical Installation must be inspected and tested every five years by a qualified person who is part of a ‘competent persons’ scheme such as NAPIT or NICEIC. 

From 1 April 2021, all fixed electrical cables and equipment will need an inspection/test in accordance with the 18th edition of the wiring regulations. This includes appliances that are fixed directly to the electrical supply, such as showers and fitted kitchen appliances.

Landlords who already have an ‘in date’ EICR (less than 5 years old), but carried out to an earlier edition of the wiring regulations, should ask the electrical contractor who provided that certificate to confirm (in writing) that this would comply with the 18th edition wiring regulations.

Where an EICR states that it’s valid for 10 years, unfortunately under the current regulations, this certificate will only be valid up to 5 years from the date the tenancy agreement was signed.

For a new tenancy, there is no requirement to have the electrics  re-inspected and re-tested provided there is a current EICR.  This mirrors the position for the gas safety certificate.

 If the electrical inspection identifies that remedial work is needed to to ensure the property meets the required standards, this work must be completed within 28 days (or the period specified in the report if less than 28 days). 

A copy of the valid EICR needs to be provided to the tenant (and the local housing authority if the property did not pass the initial inspection).  Fines of up to £30,000 can be issued by the local authority for failure to comply with the regulations.

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