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Selling Exclusive & Rural Homes in 2021? The thoughts of Senior Branch Manager, Mike Hart

Published: 26/07/2021

Blog by Mike Hart, Senior Branch Manager, Exclusive & Rural Homes

I can honestly say that I was a little concerned for the fate of the housing market post the end of the stamp duty holiday. I knew my team and myself would not miss the last-minute pressure that the deadline had created and with stubborn, teeth grinding determination, we had battled through to ensure our vendors and purchasers goals were achieved. I also recognised that for once in my lifetime, a rare entity was at work, a force consisting of the seller, buyer, solicitors, and agents, all pulling together in the same direction. All with a common goal, the holy grail, completion for the 30th of June.

Post the 30th has not turned out to be a turning point for the housing market as some doom-mongers may have predicted.  Buoyed on by the England team performance in the Euros, there appears to be optimism and a general feel good factor with the continued easing of lockdown restrictions, holidays on the horizon, low interest rates providing cheap mortgage borrowing and a positive pent-up demand still driving prices forward. Any reports of cooling property prices certainly does not appear to be evident in our local market which has been buoyed by an environment driven by low supply and a high demand.

The Exclusive and Rural Homes department specialises in the sale of luxury homes from £700,000 to circa £3,000,000. The market can be more sensitive than most with vendors cautious to launch at the correct moment in time, when the market will maximise the sale figure and the supply of new homes to market begins to increase.

With that end in mind, the property market has proved to be kind for vendors. A shortage of stock has led to, in many instances, multiple viewings, multiple offers and bidding wars. However, the property market is always about differentials and therefore, if you are looking to buy on, finding and securing your next home can be challenging.

At Four Oaks Exclusive and Rural Homes, we have an unrivalled priority list and a Whisper Listing system to make sure that if you are under our wing, you will be offered the very best opportunity to acquire your forever home.

I believe the time is now right to consider your move. The stamp duty deadlines are gone and therefore the pressure to commit to a set completion date has eased. We are able to manage the expectations of our buyers to enable them to commit to a purchase and then wait for our vendor to find. The buyer will understand that this could take a month, 6 months etc and if the purchase becomes time sensitive, the vendor has the choice to simply say no and sell elsewhere, usually for a few pounds more.

This is why we believe that our vendors should be offered a choice of exposure to the housing market.

Our Whisper Listing service offers the very lowest level of integration with no board, portals, or company website entries. Priority buyers are hand-picked to best suit not only the timescales of our vendors but their desire for discretion.

Low profile sale method facilities a wider marketing experience but would normally be offered without a board.

The full marketing option includes everything that we have to our fingertips. The very best and most comprehensive data base system, excellent knowledgeable teams who really know their buyers coupled with a genuine passion and enthusiasm for doing the very best for the client and obtaining the highest price to the most straightforward buyer.

My father always said “you only get one chance to make a first impression plus always have clean shoes”. I understand both of these pearls of wisdom but with property, his first point is critical.

Too often, property appears in the spotlight that are the portals or social media with poorly taken photography from mobile phones, with dustbins on drives and cars festooned on driveways.

 We offer the very best of photography with quality 2D images further enhanced with drone photography for that extra special dimensional image through to the latest 3D Matterport tours which offer breath taking imagery that is both accurate and functional to allow your initial viewing experience to be conducted from the comfort of your own home.

A final market comment and a further reflection. The COVID-19 pandemic has left us wanting more space for home working and a greater emphasis on green space. Large gardens or countryside views have moved to the top of the list of must have. Buyers in towns and cities are now more tempted than ever to consider moving to villages of Staffordshire and surrounds. With the commute to City office not occupying several hours of the working day, I believe people are looking for a home office with a view. To that end, we have been successfully selling for our Four Oaks vendors and selling to them in the locations such as Shenstone, Lichfield, Upper Longdon, Kings Bromley, Yoxall, Elford, Whittington and beyond. Whether a country cottage, barn, equestrian or farm, we are fully equipped and experienced in their sale.

If you’re interested in getting your home on the market, or you simply want to chat things through initially with me, please contact our friendly, professional team on 0121 308 5511.  With over 40 years’ experience in this business and with the support of a highly experienced and motivated sales team, I promise prompt attention.