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Ode to Joy

Published: 21/12/2021

Paul Carr, Chairman and Founder of Paul Carr Estate Agents considers changes in the property market as 2021 draws to a close.

It was only as recently as the 1930s that electric light became standard in new homes built in urban areas of the UK. Now, just 90 years later, our fridge-freezers can tell us when we are out of fish fingers. The march of change in materials, technology and taste is as relentless as life itself.

As we look forward to the New Year, we all share in the sorrow that the last two years have brought to so many. We also face significant social and economic challenges during this post Brexit, post pandemic and, down-the-line, post fossil fuel era when gas-fired heating will go the same way as gas-fired lighting.

The property market too has seen enormous changes in the past few years, and it will continue to do so as it steadily moves from white hot, Covid-affected panic buying to a more considered mood in the New Year.

The market is in constant flux, just as individuals’ personal circumstances are. Buying a home at any stage of life is usually a thrilling event – if somewhat nerve-racking at times. Moving is often borne of new independence or marriage, cohabitation, birth, career success, fulfilled ambition, or even a fresh and exciting chapter brought on by empty nest relocation.

Whatever changes happen in 2022, we hope they will be good for you, and we stand ready to spread the joy in helping people into a new home and a joyous new chapter of their lives.

For support every step of the way in moving home in 2022, contact your local branch today.

Happy New Year.