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Make your home a Showstopper!

Published: 30/11/2021

Daniel Cohen, Branch Manager of Paul Carr Estate Agents, Streetly shares his top three tips to get that sought-after handshake from a viewing.

As The Great British Bake Off may say “you’ve got two hours to pop Mary’s cherry”! In our world you have half an hour to whip up a showstopper.

You've heard of cooking baked goods or brewing a fresh pot of coffee for an inviting aroma, but there's much more you could be doing to prepare for viewings on your home.

Once you have a prospective buyer interested in viewing your home, you should do everything you can to prepare your property.


Here are my three top tips...
1- Don't just focus on the inside, remember the outside 

Your viewer’s first impression will be of the outside of house. Firstly, make it as easy as possible for the viewer to access the property and park up if they are driving. 

Check your windows and doors for any needed touch ups. Then look to the front driveway, garden and even those flowerpots! 

Once you’ve taken care of the exterior, it’s time to work on the interior.


2- ‘Mrs Hinch’ your home

We've all been hooked on Mrs Hinch’s top tips, and now it's time to put it into action. After a deep clean, remove any clutter and put away personal possessions.

Keep your curtains/blinds open to let natural light in, crack a window to let some fresh air through the room, and you're good to go! 


 3- Let a Paul Carr representative take the viewings 

We have been assisting people across the West Midlands on their property journey for over 40 years. Our fantastic team of local property experts have conducted hundreds of viewings,

and their experience & expertise will ensure you maximise the chances of prospective purchasers loving your home.

After the viewings we will provide you with feedback, directly from the people who viewed and hopefully, present you with an offer! 

I hope this is a useful tool for you and can help you prepare your house for future sale with Paul Carr Estate Agents. 

So, let’s get you moving…..Click here to arrange your FREE valuation and marketing guidance 


Daniel Cohen

Branch Manager, Paul Carr Estate Agents, Streetly branch