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How to present your home to achieve the best price!

Published: 27/04/2021

Top tips on how to present your home to achieve the best price!


Buyers today have the power to ‘view’ properties online before committing to make that crucial personal visit, therefore first impressions REALLY count!

Not just photography, but presentation is also the key to attract buyers and obtain the best price.

That journey for you as a seller starts with getting your property ready to market…

door with flower arrangement                                        

Kerb Appeal

View your house externally, as a buyer would starting with the driveway and fore garden…

  • Is the external décor good? 
  • Does the front door look inviting?
  • Are there wheelie bins and other “clutter” on the drive?

Top Tips:

  • Remove weeds, leaves and rubbish to create a pleasant approach to your front door.
  • Store wheelie bins in the garage or a shed.
  • Add a couple of seasonally planted plots to bring some colour and light to your external surroundings.
Internal Property

The reception hallway sets the scene. Is it warm and inviting?

Remember the entrance into your home sets the first and last impression.

Showcasing your property is paramount to maximising on the opportunity to get it sold.

  • Walk the buyer around the property, making sure that they can appreciate every room. 
  • Every room should be clean and tidy.
  • Light it up if it is a dark day – this will also add a cosy touch too.
  • Keep your pets at bay. You may love them; the buyer does not know them.
  • Tidy the children’s toys off the floor.
  • Clear the kitchen sides and put the washing away. 


Top Tips: 

Ensure you save the best to last! 

Whether that be a beautiful garden, a refitted kitchen, master bedroom or a stunning view. 

Make sure your prospective buyer leaves, wanting to make your house their home, feeling like they have finally found ‘the one’.

For further property marketing advice, arrange a FREE VALUATION by contacting your nearest Paul Carr Estate Agents office.