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Report a Repair

Welcome to Paul Carr Lettings repair and maintenance reporting system.

The system is available 24/7 for tenants of properties managed by us. If you are the tenant of a landlord-managed property please contact your Landlord.

Before clicking ON ‘REPORT A REPAIR’ you may be able to fix simple problems yourself by making a few checks. It may be that your issue is something that you are legally responsible for rather than your landlord. Please explore the following:

(how to prevent)

(checking your fuse board)

What to do if you have no heating or hot water

Need to ‘REPORT A REPAIR’ after all?

To help us sort your issue more quickly and ensure we get the right contractor for the job:

  • Provide precise details of the issue
  • Take photographs and upload them
  • Click on the globe at the top of the reporting page to choose an alternative language

As part of ‘REPORT A REPAIR’ you will be sent an email confirmation including anticipated response timescales (see below). We cannot commit to these timescales unless the issue has been logged accurately online first.

Timescales to resolve your issue

Are subject to availability of parts and, unless EMERGENCY, are also subject to landlord approval and may vary where your Landlord uses his own contractor.

EMERGENCY (risk of danger to health, safety and security) (click for more details)

Flood & Severe Leaks * Gas leak * Serious Electrical Fault * Burglary Within working hours we will contact you ASAP & make situation safe. Outside of working hours please take appropriate action yourself to make the situation safe and then report the issue to us.

HIGH PRIORITY (click for more details)

FOR EXAMPLE: No Hot Water/Heating * No/Unsafe electricity * No Working Toilet (where only one at property) We will aim to contact you the same working day (if reported by 4.30pm weekdays and 12.30 Saturdays) otherwise next working day and, where possible, resolve the issue within 3 working days.

MEDIUM PRIORITY (click for more details)

FOR EXAMPLE: Other Maintenance such as Faulty Appliance We will contact you within 2 working days and aim to resolve the issue within 10 working days

LOW PRIORITY (click for more details)

FOR EXAMPLE: Routine Maintenance & Repairs such as Fences - We will contact you within 3 working days and aim to resolve the issue within 20 working days

Click here to ‘Report a Repair’

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